Local Region

Top 6 Things to Do in the South Burnett

  1. Walk, Cycle and Ride Brisbane Valley Rail Trail
  2. Enjoy the many activities at one of our two dams Lake Boondooma or Bjelk-Petersen Dam (Lake Barambah)
  3. Kingaroy Information, Art and Heritage Precinct
  4. Discover the Nanango Energy Centre
  5. Remember the craft of wood at the Wondai Timber Musuem
  6. Take a moment to wander the Bunya Mountains

Local Towns


The first township when arriving from Brisbane is Blackbutt, appropriately dubbed Gateway to the South Burnett. With a wide range of cafe's, infamous wood-fired pies (try the award winning Curry Pie) and friendly locals, it's hard to find a reason not to stop in for a chat. Visit the Woodhut that serves as a Visitor Information Centre, and one of the heads of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - a walking, cycling or horseriding track that meanders atop the Blackbutt Range with breathtaking views down the Brisbane Valley.


Nanango was established in 1848, and claims the title of the 5tholdest town in Queensland, and the second largest in the region. It's home to state-of-the-art facility, 'The Nanango Energy Centre', that serves as a fun, interactive museum thats a must stop for the young and the old. Showcasing Queenslands and Nanango's energy history, the museum takes your breath away the moment the door opens. The town has a range of food options that include bakery/cafe's and take-away shops.

Nanango also boasts to be one of the largest Country Markets in Queensland - it sure is a sight to see!


Kingaroy is the largest town in the South Burnett, operating as the central shopping district for items other than groceries. The Kingaroy Information, Art and Heritage Precinct serves as local produce shop front for regional produced food, condiments and crafts. The precinct also acts as an information centre, with heritage listed art gallery and museum attached - so you can soak up the culture of the area in one swift scoop.


Wondai has a country charm about it. The community is woven very tightly, with many organisations assisting with the large range of local events. Wander the markets, visit the art gallery openings (held once a month), pop into the agricultural show or a country race meeting.

Wondai also houses an award winning Timber Musuem  (with Woodcrafters workshop).  The building itself is a statement of craftsmanship and represents the dedication of those who continue showcase the history of Wondai.


Proston is another small community that shows big heart. Located just 20km from one of the best fishing spots in Queensland 'Lake Boondooma', the community hosts a comfortable range of shops to make your stay at the dam comfortable.


Murgon has a thriving Central Business District, with many shops that will keep you busy for a morning in town. It's another friendly town in the South Burnett that is just a short distance away from Bjelke-Petersen Dam. Murgon also houses Dairy Museum that worth a look - though be sure to book ahead of time with the passionate volunteers first.

Interesting Facts:

Aboriginal meanings/origins for our local towns: 

  • Red ant                                                                                                                                      Kingaroy
  • Howling dog/dingo                                                                                                                       Wondai
  • Place of many wattles                                                                                                                 Tingoora
  • Greenhead Ant ('mondhur')                                                                                                           Mondure
  • Lilly covered pond                                                                                                                        Murgon
  • Place of water                                                                                                                             Wooroolin
  • Waterhole in the sand                                                                                                                Boondooma
  • Wild horse                                                                                                                                  Yarraman
  • Place where the waters gathers (from the Aboriginal word 'Noogoonida')                                           Nanango
  • Broken shield                                                                                                                              Goomeri

       These towns names originated from:

  • Named after a tree (Eucalyptus pilularis)                                                                                       Blackbutt
  • Named after the first water well dug in the district                                                                          Maidenwell

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